E- Admit is one of our flagship online application software that helps Institution to manage their entire admission process including candidate management, online payment acceptance, automated merit list generation, and completing the complex admission processes at zero cost to the Institute The cost is shared by the applicants (students) in the most economical way, so as to minimize the burden over them too. For each application done online, the candidate pays a nominal processing fee over the application fee set by the Institute for the course he/she is applying to.

E- Admit has an in-built payment gateway through which the students may pay through their Credit/Debit Cards, ATM Cards, Internet Banking or Wallets. E-Admit can be simply integrated with your existing website, if you have Further, the system manages the entire students data centrally, and provides MIS Reports to Management for effective decision making process.

Advantages of E- Admit

  • Automated online software system works 24 x 7
  • Online Registration of Admission Application
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Allows candidates / students to fill application form at their convenient time
  • Reduces Paper Work
  • Only Eligible Candidate Can Apply
  • Online listing of merit list lot
  • Fee Management System
  • Online Payment Gateway.
  • SMS & Email Integration
  • Issue of Students ID Cards (Multipurpose Smart Card with e-Wallet)
  • Parents, Teachers, Staffs & Management Portal
  • Reduces Human Involvement & Enhances Productivity
  • Customizable Real Time Reports

Special Features E- Admit

  • Highly user friendly, Dash-Board driven & Customizable
  • Dynamic System in line with latest IT Technologies
  • Unique system in line with Government policies
  • Ability to set up various criteria pertinent to Institution Administration.
  • Generate the selection list / merit list in a single click
  • Stable to perform multiple registrations & internet traffic at any given time
  • Add & Manage existing students & Alumni.
  • Collect School Admin defined various fees like Registration, Tuition, Transportation, Books, Hostel, Laboratory fee etc. online through Net Banking / Debit / Credit Card/

Secured Question Paper Delivery System (QPDS)

Every academic follows conventional procedures in the conduct of examinations. The processes include sourcing, selecting, setting, printing, and distributing the question papers to various examination centers spread miles across. The challenge in this process involves human intervention, thereby making it prone to insecurity of activities at different stages.

Our Secured Question Paper Delivery System (QPDS) overcomes these challenges. The solution is rugged & secured and based on the latest ICT & digital technologies. The solution follows a well-defined workflow methodologies with a granular access controls, encryption, leakage monitoring and with real-time tracking of the entire QPDS processes. Further our solution follows multi-layer security algorithms, controlled through a centralized dashboard available on an exclusive web portal, with a complete transparency of the process and its activities.
Major Advantages is the system provides a complete transparency and tracking at each stage; No wastage of paper; Reuse of infrastructure for other examinations; and, Scope for add-on and refinements.

Secured Question Paper Delivery System (QPDS) aims at:

  • Hassle free electronic distribution of question papers in a secured manner to examination venues regardless of location.
  • Largely avoids manual intervention.
  • Bringing a transformation in the examination process.

About Proposed System

  • Adopts latest technology, and strictly follows customizable Work Flow Methodologies.
  • Highly secured environment – (adopts encryption & decryption technologies & its processes)
  • Access to the entire system is restricted through static IP validation
  • Protected for management only by the authorized officials Examination centers
  • Tamper proof and supposedly tackles the menace of question paper leakage.
  • Various MIS Reports at every level of users.

How Secured the Proposed System

  • The entire infrastructure is based on – MPLS VPN
  • Follows encryption & decryption technologies
  • Fully protected with Firewall
  • Follows secure intranet concepts
  • Only authorized officials can download the question paper
  • Generate session-wise report of the complete login/download activity for all the users and should be able to send it to registered email id of the University Official.

Risk Mitigation

The system is facilitated to access through
  • Data Card
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Support through dedicated desks at QPDS agency
  • Secondary web server for risk mitigation

Infrastructure Requirement

  • Our Application Software
  • Desktop computers 2 to 3 nos.
  • Internet connection. (or) Internet Leased Line 1:1 / 32 or 64 mbps, ILL connections preferably from 2 ISP’s (or) MPLS Virtual Private Network
  • High End Server 2 units with SSL certified with minimum 2048 Bit encryption at Headquarters
  • System Software.
  • Firewall & anti-virus software
  • Storage device for Backup
  • LAN environment
  • Fax
  • UPS for the entire IT infra
  • Fire Safety devices
  • Surveillance system
  • Air-conditioned environment.
  • High Speed Printers with UPS support
  • Copier machine – Xerox
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Required Stationary
  • Required consumables like Toner cartridge etc.,

Staff Connect

Staff Connect is a product for midsized to large organization, with an objective to intelligently manage organizational resource spread across. Through Staff connect any organization can have transparent way of monitoring projects, its associated staff, time allocation, scheduler personnel information, paybill, online interaction of staff, situated any port of globe. This comprehensive product is available either on user License model or on SAS model. Staff connect is very simple to customize, configure, learn, implement for any size of organization.

Features of Staff Connect

  • Staff Connect allows only authorized users.
  • Management only for creation, deleting and updating for all Information and control to assign work task to Employee.
  • Employees may look here for the Employment Information they require. Employees who login will see their Specific Information.
  • It allows all employees access to web services. Inside you will also discover unique employee-focused information.
  • It makes data access, find out how our employee portal can increase employee productivity throughout your organization.
  • Easy to understand design and navigation.
Soft Connect

Soft connect is as simple yet comprehensive centralized solution for any size of organization. All communications are made available through prefix of your domain accessible from any part of globe.

Advantages of Soft Connect

  • Workforce productivity : Intranets can also help users to locate and view information faster and use applications relevant to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Time : Intranets allow organizations to distribute information to employees on an as-needed basis; Employees may link to relevant information at their convenience, rather than being distracted indiscriminately by electronic mail.
  • Communication : Intranets are useful to communicate strategic initiatives that have a global reach throughout the organization.
  • Business operations and management : Intranets are also being used as a platform for developing and deploying applications to support business operations and decisions across the internet worked enterprise.

Electronic Governance can be defined as giving Citizens the choice of when and where they access government information and services. Putting the Citizen at the center of government means taking a delivery channel view. This would mean using more and more of Electronics & Information Technology in many of the government functions. Electronic Governance thus, is the application of Information Technology to the processes of Government functioning to bring about tranparency of the functioning. This IT enabled government will ensure better transparency and services to the public.

Some of our select Government departments to whom we offered our solutions:
  • TN State Agriculture - State Level Nodal Agency.
  • TN State Agriculture Marketing Board _ Uzhavar sandhai & Regulated Markets.
  • TN State Tourism - Web Portal Management
  • TN State Tourism - On-line booking of Tours & Accomodation with facility to make payment online, using credit & debit cards
  • TN State Registration Department
  • TN State Horticulture Department
  • TN State Minority Development Board
  • TN State Adi Dravida Welfare department
  • Staff Selection Commission - Examination Processing
  • Law University - Examination Processing

All our solutions can be simplyy replicated and implemented with very little customization. We are We are committed towards e-governance implementation at every level of government.

Features of E-Governance

  • Tax Collection & Reports
  • Payment Gateway for online tax bill collections
  • Grievences through SMS & internet
  • Water Connection
  • Birth & Death
  • Work management system
  • Property tax - self Assesment
  • personal information system
  • Building plan approval
  • Solid waste Management
  • D&O Trade PFA Licenese